2016 FLEX Draft Recaps By Writers, Participants

2016 FLEX Draft Recaps By Writers, Participants

On Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016, twelve Fantasy Football industry veterans who gathered at SiriusXM Radio headquarters in Washington, D.C., for the third annual FLEX drafts.


Steve Gardner, USAToday.com

“At some point, fantasy owners will take a contrarian approach and look for undervalued running backs to be their franchise cornerstones. And at some point, there will be a limit as to how long drafters will continue to take backup wideouts before even considering who they’ll have starting at quarterback. The FLEX (Fantasy League of Experts) draft last weekend, however, was not one of those occasions.” — Gardner


Brandon Marianne Lee, HerFantasyFootball.com

“Here’s an article I wrote for Pro Football Focus Monday morning about my Zero RB strategy and a little blurb about what I suppose the other strategies were like.”


John Halpin, FOXSports.com

“I recorded a podcast Monday, Aug. 8, with Jeff Haseley, discussing our FLEX teams, strategy, etc. Jeff did a great job of walking through the draft and how we reached our picks.”


Raymond Summerlin, RotoWorld.com

“In almost every auction, early nominations end up being the best values. People come into the event knowing about how much each player costs on average, but every auction is different. Until the “inflation rate” of each draft is set, players have a difficult time identifying when to spend that extra dollar. That means early nominations tend to be slightly undervalued, making them great players to grab.” — Summerlin


Jen Ryan, FootballDiehards.com

“Both drafts had their fair share of being informative, intense, and hilarious. The PPR draft I participated in was more on the intense side, at least for me. I have completed over 80 drafts and felt well prepared to participate in the Flex League draft. ” — Ryan

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