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Where Did the Idea For Fantasy FLEX Leagues Come From?

FLEX Leagues came together after many years of asking the question, “Why are there no yearly expert Fantasy Football leagues?”

After a group project, ranking the Top 100 Fantasy Football players during the offseason a few years back, a few participants – Jake Ciely (RotoExperts.com/FNTSY.com), David Gonos (SoCalledFantasyExperts.com) and Jamey Eisenberg (CBSSports.com) – decided it was time to end the madness.

“Let’s get together each year and put our reputations (what little we may have) on the line in some Fantasy Football expert leagues,” said Ciely.

From everyone being online in the inaugural season to now three live drafts in two major cities, FLEX Leagues is where the action is at… or at least that’s what the experts tell themselves.

“Since this is a Fantasy League of Experts, we should call it — the FLEX!” said Gonos, as he reached for another chicken wing. “That’s it, I’ve contributed what I can. You’re on your own from here.”

… And the rest is FLEX history.

Fantasy Help For Everyone

FLEX Leagues isn’t solely about the experts and having fun, as part of the goal is to help our followers for their drafts. There is an auction standard, snake PPR and snake Half-PPR league to help cover the popular formats. You get to see how the experts would draft, nice and early, to learn and prepare to dominate your leagues.

The best part about FLEX Leagues? NO KICKERS! As is Ciely’s sole life goal to eliminate kickers from Fantasy Football existence, all leagues have no kicker spot and instead added – you guessed it – another Flex position. This adds more depth and strategy and helps eliminate the nonsensical luck that is the kicker position… Wooo!

You can follow the league @FLEX_Leagues.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what you’d like to see for next year, or for in-season.