FLEX Friends

The only way we can get a league of this magnitude together is with the help of several people and some fantastic companies. So we wanted to take this time to give a shout-out to those that have helped the FLEX Fantasy Leagues become what they are today.

FLEX Friends

FantasyJocks.com: These guys set us up with their insanely awesome Fantasy Championship Belts! FLEX friends or not, these belts are the absolute best Fantasy trophies around.

FNTSY.com: The first ever channel dedicated to 24/7 Fantasy Sports news and analysis, watch online at FantasySportsNetwork.com, on Amazon Fire, Google Play, Apple App, Roku and Xbox One.

MyFantasyLeague.com: To get the awesome customization our league needs, there’s no better place to run your Fantasy leagues than on MFL. They’ve been doing it for over a decade, and they are a no-frills site meant for the user, not the advertiser.


SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio: They host the drafts in their studios — and they broadcast them over satellite radio for us! We love these guys.



Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall